Outbound Telemarketing

Started in 2014, this Outbound Telemarketing company comes from a long line of dependable sales and marketing specialists. We have made telemarketing campaigns a priority for over 30 years for companies in Service oriented industries such as security, pest control, finance, packaging, and office services to name a few.  These kinds of companies have very talented sales people who would prefer to be on the front line closing the sales while Biz Link Plus handles the B2B appointment setting.

Biz Link Plus contributes to their success by providing a service of taking the prospects identified, calling them, profiling them and arranging a meeting if that is the goal of the campaign.  We then give the sales rep a lead that is filled with information that will help them to close the account.  

Biz Link Plus has a "hands on" management TEAM.  Owner, Pam Davies, deals with each client and works to identify their direction, goals and their objectives for the project.  You can count on her to be the stable force behind your campaign and depend on her to work hard to make the B2B efforts work for you.

She then develops a unique strategy for each client as no two clients are alike, even in the same industry. The uniqueness of your company is incorporated into the script and overall program so that your objectives can be accomplished.    

All scripts are tested by her and her experienced staff so that adjustments can be made as needed. The beauty of telephone marketing is that you can make "real time" changes to the message at anytime ensuring that the program is flexible to achieve your goals.   

Our Agents:

Their job is to make calls to fulfill a customer's requirements.  Their art is the skills that they develop to handle each client. Here at Biz Link Plus our agents are trained by the professionals who have done telemarketing for over 30 years.  

They are taught the techniques that are needed to handle each client's program, and all clients are different.  Our agents are bright, enthusiastic, and committed to doing a great job for each client.  That's what makes them great and reliable. 

About Us:

BIZ LINK PLUS -- an extension of your business promoting your products or services to today's savvy Business customers.

Linking Your Business to Success!