Biz Link Plus offers an array of training programs.  Your strong Sales Team needs our lead service, but what about a professional training in the proper techniques and power of the the telephone? Biz Link Plus offers a variety of ways we can assist you to "increase" the skill level of your sales team - inside or out!

One day interactive workshop to learn the skills to become Master of the Phone. Or, our "Phone Power Skills" that is an ongoing training that increases the skills and call control of the sales people.  

The Bottom Line

  • Your sales people will ... 
    • Increase their Appointments
    • Increase their Closes
    • Increase their Sales!


Outbound Telemarketing PROGRAMS

Linking your business to businesses One Call at a time!

Biz Link Plus has a wide range of Outbound Telemarketing Services to meet our clients's needs.

Lead Generation

Lead Qualification

Appointment Setting



Registration Process

Trade Show - Webinar Follow Up

Data Cleansing

Lead Nuturing

The purpose of our services is to Drive Revenue and Increase your Customer Base. By assisting the client to add to the funnel and shift through the prospects, Biz Link Plus has the ability to enhance the Sales opportunities for any company which means more $$ for you.

Outbound Telemarketing is a major piece to the sales cycle puzzle. 

Without this critical piece of lead finding and qualifying, the sales puzzle gets harder to complete. The company can loss valuable time and revenues due to lack of a pipeline being filled by the professional marketers whose job it is to find the next prospect for your Sales people to turn into a closed account.

​Biz Link Plus works with you to develop telemarketing campaigns to include the scripting and questions that give you the results you need. Results are sent to you daily with fully detailed notes.  We are you on the phone - representing your company as if we were an employee.

Our Services

BIZ LINK PLUS -- an extension of your business promoting your products or services to today's savvy Business customers.

Linking Your Business to Success!